How to Prepare my Website for the GDPR


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation that is about to go into effect on May 25th. I’ve gotten a lot of questions from my Website Maintenance members about it recently, so I thought I would send out​​ a general FAQ for GDPR (holy acronyms). FWD to any fellow Website owners. Disclaimer: I’m a Web Designer, not … Read More

How to know if your WordPress site has been hacked.

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I’ve shared stories in the past about clients who came to me with Websites that were hacked and they didn’t even know it. So how does one know? First of all, you are never too small to have your WordPress site hacked. The first step is to just look at the site. Is it up and functioning? Check. Many times … Read More

How are most WordPress websites hacked?

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According to WP Template, 51% of WordPress Sites that get hacked were done so via an insecure theme or vulnerable plug-in. Keeping your themes, plug-ins, and WordPress itself up-to-date is the #1 thing you can do to secure your WordPress site, by far – and it’s clear by the numbers why that is. When a plug-in updates, it is usually … Read More

Why would someone hack a “small” Website?

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Take this lesson: You are never too small to be hacked. In fact, the smaller you are, the easier a target you appear to be for hackers who have various motivations. Think of a wild savannah cat, like a lion, chasing a gazelle. Who does the lion usually focus their attention on? That’s right, the scrawny little guy with a … Read More

How to get the right people to visit your Website

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Once you’ve identified your avatar and updated your “About” page to be more about the ideal client , it’s time to actually get them there.  Google changes their algorithm quite often. There’s no telling what will be valuable and what won’t in the future or even tomorrow. One thing that will never change: Google is looking to give searchers information that is … Read More

Who your “About” page is really about.

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Across the Internet, there’s one mistake I see most often on business Websites: The “About Us” page is about the wrong person! Your “About” page is NOT: An opportunity to go into the lengthy history of your organization. An opportunity to vomit meaningless (to the client) credentials and certifications. An opportunity to talk about yourself ad nauseam. So what should … Read More

Targeting: WHO you sell to is more important than WHAT you sell

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February is the Month of the Avatar, and throughout the month I will be writing several posts related to identifying your ideal target client and attracting them to your Website. Keep this phrase in your mind: The WHO is more important than the WHAT. So who do you want to work with? When I ask my clients this question, I … Read More

Error: uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

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Error: uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Difficulty: 3/5 (If you feel comfortable modifying files via FTP or cPanel, you’ll be able to do this. If you’d prefer me to handle it for you, this is something I handle for members on my membership programs.) This is a common error that occurs when the default settings for “maximum upload … Read More