How to get the right people to visit your Website

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Once you’ve identified your avatar and updated your “About” page to be more about the ideal client , it’s time to actually get them there.

 Google changes their algorithm quite often. There’s no telling what will be valuable and what won’t in the future or even tomorrow.

One thing that will never change: Google is looking to give searchers information that is recent and relevant.

The solution? Blog posts.

I’ll posts are sometimes a pain in the butt. I myself struggle with the motivation to write them.

Next week, I’m going to give you a quick easy tip for coming up with 10-20 blog post topics that will be super easy to write: How to EASILY write blog posts that visitors actually care about:

For a complete list of questions to ask about your ideal client so that you know what kind of language to use in your blogs, download my free “Avatar Builder Checklist” below.

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