How to Improve your Website Copy in Under 10 Minutes

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Copywriting can be pretty mystifying, especially if you don’t consider yourself a “writer.” Not to worry! Here’s a simple way that you can take your existing Website copy and make it infinitely better! Usually, when a client comes to me, their pages look something like this: There’s nothing wrong with what’s written. In fact, this is the copy that is on my Website right now. How to Improve your Website Copy to make it easier to read Here’s the secret: Most people are skimmers. Your average person is not going to read everything you write. That’s why we use emphasis by bolding, italicising, and underlining…as well as create headlines like the one above (How to improve your Website copy…) Here’s the same copy, modified to include emphasis: A lot easier to read and skim, huh? The best tip I can give for writing and improving your own copy is to “pull out” our emphasize the most important parts of the … Read More