How to Write Posts in WordPress (for Beginners)


Hello! Sky here, and I’m going to give you some tips for formatting a blog post on your new website! First of all, you will want to make sure you click the “Visual” tab in the upper right of this box, rather than “Text”. Text is going to show you a bunch of scary HTML code and ain’t nobody got … Read More

The 5 Key Elements of a Unique Selling Proposition


As I shared in last week’s post (A Simple Marketing Template for Coaches and Consultants) that I love templates. Today I am going to give you the pieces for three more templates – this time for developing your Unique Selling Proposition! This concept will be covered in much greater depth in my upcoming Website Content Writing Course for Coaches and … Read More

How to Improve your Website Copy in Under 10 Minutes

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Copywriting can be pretty mystifying, especially if you don’t consider yourself a “writer.” Not to worry! Here’s a simple way that you can take your existing Website copy and make it infinitely better! Usually, when a client comes to me, their pages look something like this: There’s nothing wrong with what’s written. In fact, this is the copy that is on my … Read More