How are most WordPress websites hacked?

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According to WP Template, 51% of WordPress Sites that get hacked were done so via an insecure theme or vulnerable plug-in.

Keeping your themes, plug-ins, and WordPress itself up-to-date is the #1 thing you can do to secure your WordPress site, by far – and it’s clear by the numbers why that is.

When a plug-in updates, it is usually for two reasons:

To add new features, and to improve security.

As technology advances and hackers get more sophisticated, plug-in and theme authors as well as WordPress have to stay ever-vigilant and secure their “code.” If their code is insecure, so is your Website.

So essentially, when you fail to update your Website, you are allowing the potential for hackers to force their way in through insecure code.

 When you see the little orange “update” button in WordPress, click it. You should update anything there as soon as possible – just be sure to keep a back-up in case anything should go wrong.

Are you too small for your site to be hacked? The answer is NO! I go in-depth about this in my post, titled is your site too small to be hacked?

How can I help keep your WP site secure?

On my no-contract membership programs , Website updates are performed on a weekly basis by my team and I. This way things stay up-to-date, and if anything goes wrong during the update process we will know how to handle it.

If you want to get an immediate jump on securing your site, I have put together a simple checklist called, “The WordPress Security Checklist: 7 “Common Sense” Tips to Keep you from Getting Hacked.

I hope you will download it below and let me know if you have any questions.

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