How to Change Contact Form 7 Colors in Cornerstone from X-Theme

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Contact Form 7 and Cornerstone from X-Theme are two of my favorite plug-ins. Contact Form 7 is my go-to contact form solution because it’s so light. This comes at the sacrifice of some customization. Not to fear! This video will show you how you can change the font colors of contact forms using X-Theme. In reality, you can do this with any theme, but X-Theme makes it easy to add custom CSS to the theme, which is what I will show you how to do in the video below: Don’t want to do this yourself? Let me make the changes for you!

How to Check that Google Analytics is Installed Correctly on WordPress

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In this video, I am going to show you how you can get a definitive answer as to whether or not Google Analytics is installed correctly. It seems like there are a billion-and-one ways to install Google Analytics, and this adds some confusion to mix when certain plug-ins aren’t updated or you install Google Analytics in multiple places by accident. By following the steps in this video, you will be able to know for sure if Google Analytics is working.

How to Fix WordPress “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance” Error

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The “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance” Error in WordPress is common, especially on sites that are currently running slow or are overloaded in their resources. This happens when you try to update a plug-in, theme, or WordPress itself and the process ends prematurely. In the video below, I show you how to fix the error. It’s important that after you fix the error you also check to make sure plug-ins and WordPress itself are installed correctly. You may need to re-install updates or full plug-ins/themes/files. This is unlikely, and in most cases, this fix will be enough to get your site back to working order.

How to Hide the Navigation Menu in X Theme

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Sometimes you don’t want to be able to see the navigation menu on a WordPress page. X-Theme, which is a flexible modern theme that I recommend most of my clients use, makes it easy to hide these elements. This is useful especially if you have a landing-page or are trying to protect sensitive content on a membership site.

PSA: Starting October, Google Will Show Security Warnings On Non-SSL Sites. Is Your Site Safe?

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One of my clients recently forwarded me this startling Email from Google: The following URLs on your site include text input fields (such as < input type="text" > or < input type="email" >) that will trigger the new Chrome warning. Review these examples to see where these warnings will appear, so that you can take action to help protect users’ data. This list is not exhaustive.”GoogleBasically, if your Website has a form that accepts any kind of user information such as Emails or names…even just simple comment forms…your visitors will be served with a “This Website is not Secure” message. That is, unless you install an SSL certificate. Basically, if your Website has a form that accepts any kind of user information such as Emails or names…even just simple comment forms…your visitors will be served with a “This Website is not Secure” message. That is, unless you install an SSL certificate. Google went on … Read More

Is Your Site “Too Small” to be Hacked?

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UPDATE: I’ve recently written several posts about WordPress security, which you can read here: How to know if your WordPress site has been hacked. How are most WordPress websites hacked? Let’s Go Phishing – How a thoughtless click almost costed an event planner her Website. I recently Googled my client’s sites and saw this awful message: I didn’t design their site, I was hired for maintenance and marketing consulting. I thought that this must have to be some kind of mistake on Google’s part, but I looked through the site files and found 3 malicious files that were put there by what was indeed a hacker. They even left a calling card. Luckily I found it and removed it before more damage was done, as it appears that whatever they wanted to do hadn’t been executed yet. But this goes to show…your site is NEVER too small to be hacked. This … Read More

3 Strategies for NEVER Getting Blogger’s Block Again

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As someone who creates content just about every day of the week, I know just as well as anyone that figuring out what to write for your blog can sometimes be a challenge. That blank screen is just about the worst! Luckily, I have some strategies for you to use so that you will never be starved for content ideas on your blog again. 1. Answer Your “FAQ” When consulting with medical practices on their Websites, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive is just this…how do I come up with topics for the blog? I tell them that there must be questions that their staff hear day in and day out. These are the things that patients are asking aloud and Googling about. If you can answer these questions before anyone else, you’re ahead of the pack. So I tell them to interview their front office staff, their nurses, … Read More