Who your “About” page is really about.

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Across the Internet, there’s one mistake I see most often on business Websites: The “About Us” page is about the wrong person!

Your “About” page is NOT:

  • An opportunity to go into the lengthy history of your organization.
  • An opportunity to vomit meaningless (to the client) credentials and certifications.
  • An opportunity to talk about yourself ad nauseam.

So what should your “About” page do?

Your about page should present your STORY in a way that is emotional, relatable, and RELEVANT to your ideal avatar (How to build your ideal avatar).

Too many times, “About” pages read like encyclopedia entries. No emotion…all successes, no failures…

People relate to your failures more than they do your successes. They want to know that you’re “just like them” in some ways but that you’ve made it through whatever problems they are experiencing and are helping others solve the same problems.

For example, I have a lot of health/fitness coaches as clients. I urge them to talk about when they were struggling with their own health or weight. Talk about the kinds of feelings they had and THEN talk about how they were able to turn it all around and why that makes them uniquely qualified to help others in the same situation.

It’s relatable.

Really, when someone reads the “About” page, they should be reading about themselves.

They should be saying things like, “Wow, I’ve felt that, too. S/he went through the same thing I am right now! I should keep reading to see how s/he solved the problem!

Of course, the solution is to hire you, which is why we put a call to action at the bottom of our “About” pages to lead them into your products and services.

So work on your “About” page to make it more emotionally-driven and about who you serve and less about the “boring” history of your business.

For a complete list of questions to ask about your ideal client so that you know how to write your “About” page, download my free “Avatar Builder Checklist” below.

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