What Do You HATE In Your Business?

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Such a strong word. Such a negative topic.

But you’ve got to deal with the negative sometimes in order to appreciate the positive.

That being said, there are things that we all hate to do in our businesses. 

I know that for me, these things are…

  • Reading and responding to Emails.
  • Scheduling.
  • Book-keeping.

So what I’ve done is worked on minimizing the amount of time that I spend on these things. For example…


  • I set the expectation up front that I don’t respond all day and all night to Email, except in the case of real emergencies.
  • I use Inbox by Gmail, which allows me to better organize my inbox and spend less time sorting through.
  • I include five.sentenc.es in my Email signature to “train” my clients to respond to me in an efficient way.


  • I do not take unscheduled phone calls — too much distraction.
  • I use youcanbook.me so that my clients can put themselves on my calendar during a time that is convenient for them, and I am available. This syncs with my Google Calendar so that I don’t need to manage it manually.


  • I push all of my book-keeping tasks to one day a month. I have a process so I can get in and get out in under an hour.

What do you HATE in your business?

The ultimate question: How can you minimize the amount of time that you spend on those tasks?

Seriously think about it.

There are certain things that a lot of people hate that I don’t mind…things like updating my Website, working on my marketing, etc. Those are things that I find enjoyable.

If managing your Website happens to be one of those tasks, then you may want to consider looking into my “Pay As You Go, No Contract, No Job Too Big or Too Small, Just Leave it to Sky” Monthly Maintenance Plans.

The best part about these plans, in my humble opinion, is that there’s no contact, and you pay as you go.

I don’t lock you in to 12 months, and you don’t need to pay me X months in advance.

I want you to work with me because I do a great job…not because you’re chained to some contact.

Get this draining, boring, confusing Website work off of your plate and give it to me instead! There’s no risk to trying it out for a month, because there’s no contract.