An Unexpected Surprise: How I Got 25 QUALIFIED Leads Overnight

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The following was posted on 2016-02-23 on my now discontinued blog, The 20 Something Entrepreneur….but its lessons still very much apply.

Most people exaggerate when they use the word “overnight” to describe success, but in this case, I’m not exaggerating. On Monday I made a decision and sent an Email. On Tuesday, I had 25 qualified leads.

The decision was to offer my book (writing the book is the part that takes a bit longer), The Dos and Don’ts of Web Design for Small Business: 27 Tips for Finding Customers and Building Trust on the Web, for free, to my list as well as anyone else they wanted to “gift” the book to.

The Email:

Here was the Email I sent:

Hey (NAME)!

I have some AWESOME news! I recently wrote a new book titled The Dos and Don’ts of Web Design for Small Business. I have two questions for you below, but here’s what the book is about…

How the different generations, from millennials to Gen X’s, prefer to interact with your business, and what they will do if they don’t find what they’re looking for.
Step by Step, the path you need to take to maximize the effectiveness of your website planning process (choosing a name, brainstorming, etc.)
The one little trick that professional Web designers use so that 80% of their work is done for them already before they do a single thing.
The language less-than-scrupulous Web designers use to cheat you out of your money.
How to use – and how to waste time and money on – Internet marketing and “Search Engine Optimization”
The 5 pages you NEED on your website (and the ones that will kill your site)

I’m selling the Book on Amazon, however I have two questions for you:
Question 1: I am offering to send a real-live free copy of my book to those who are on my Email list. Would you like one? No shipping and handling or anything like that…just a free copy of the 79-page book.

Question 2: Do you know any small business owners who you think might be interested in a free copy? I’ll send out as many copies on your behalf as you like, so don’t hold back. Think of it as a gift from you to them.

Specifically, the examples I use in the book relate best to those in the health care, life, and business coaching industries. But this book is for anyone. Just let me know who you know in those industries and we will ask them if they want the book — no pressure.

Why am I giving the book away for free to these select people? Two reasons. 1. It’s going to help anyone who reads it find more success in their business, and I genuinely want to help people out. 2. If I am able to help someone today with my book, they may be interested in hiring me down the line when they want to update their Website.

Just respond to this Email with your answers to the two questions above. 🙂

Thanks so much!

Sky Stover

PS For every person I send the book to because of you, I am going to give you a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. 2 people = $20. 5 people = $50. Let’s help as many people as we can!!!

PPS Check it out!

(photo of me with the book)

Pretty simple, right?

The Numbers:

I sent my book offer to around 200 people (small lists still work). About a dozen of those people I interact with pretty frequently, the rest I haven’t talked to in over a month.

  • 9 People I Emailed responded that they wanted the book (4.5%)
  • I received 16 referrals as a result of the Email. (8% of the amount of people I Emailed)
  • I received 1 Email from an agency who was interested in hiring me as their go-to freelancer for the new Web Development part of their business.
  • That’s a total of 25 QUALIFIED leads (who are interested in Web Design, or they wouldn’t have asked for the book).
  • I have the potential to make 50-100 THOUSAND dollars. One Email.

5 Lessons to be Learned:

  1. Small decisions can make a HUGE difference.
  2. Just because a list is old, doesn’t mean it’s “dead.” I got a LOT of life out of a list I haven’t Emailed in a few months.
  3. Lists unrelated to your current project can still be useful. The list I Emailed was for my magic business, which is why I no longer market to it. They were still interested in Web Design services.
  4. Reward referrals. I offered a $10 Starbucks gift card for every referral someone gave me. It just so happens one person has given me TEN referrals so far, so they’re getting $100 (like a week’s worth of Starbucks…haha). It is TOTALLY worth it, though, because it would have taken me so long to get those leads by myself…
  5. Real scarcity is a thing. HOLY CRAP! Usually in marketing (especially in the world), having scarcity for your product (and therefore upping the demand) is something that needs a little manufacturing. In this case, I had only 10 books left… Gotta order more copies!

There you have it! I’m really happy with how this turned out, and I will keep you updated on what comes as a result of this.

EDIT: I now have over 70 leads for the book, and am starting to send out the books and follow-up letters!

Today: Today, this single Email has resulted in around $15,000 in closed business. WORTH IT.