How to Market Your Website Like Marvel Comics

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Alright, I’ll admit it…I’m a nerd.

I’m into video games, coding, and lately…comic books!

After watching some of the Marvel movies, I became so interested that I wanted to fully immerse myself into that culture, so I’ve begun a journey for reading all of the “important” Marvel comics from the 1960s to today.

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #3

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #3

My journey began with The Amazing Spider-Man, and I’ve gleaned some really cool marketing tips from it.

You see, the thing about comic books is…there are a TON of them. Even in the 1960s. People had a lot of options, so if you wanted your comics to be picked up by anybody, you needed to stand out from the very start with your cover.

(I promise this relates to Websites, as you’ll see in a minute…)

How Marvel did their covers for The Amazing Spider-Man was nothing short of brilliant! Here are a few excerpts from the first few issues:

“In the space of only the first three issues, you readers have made Spider-Man one of the greatest, most phenomenal successes in the history of super characters! And now, with this record-breaking fourth issue, Spider-Man soars to still greater heights as he battles the most fantastic foe of all! So, settle back for the thrill of your life — the fateful moment when Spider-Man meets — The Sandman!”

Here is from the issue with Dr. Octopus, which you might recognize from the Spider-Man movies with Toby Maguire.

America’s most exciting super-hero captured by the world’s most dreaded super-villain!”

“A book-length super-thriller! Spider-Man faces his most powerful foe: DR. OCTOPUS! Can anything that lives, defeat the mighty Doctor Octopus??

This is my favorite one:

“Have you ever noticed, when you start reading a comic mag, the opening caption tells you that you’re about to read the most exciting story ever written…with the most dangerous menace, and the most suspenseful plot?? Well, we’re going to try to be more honest! This may NOT be the greatest story ever written! You may have read about more exciting villains! And you may have thrilled to better plots! But, y’know something? We can’t see How!

It certainly is Amazing

What I love the most about the last one is that they “lower your defenses” a bit by admitting that most comic book covers are hyperbolic. They go on to say, basically, that this might not be the best thing ever – but that you should try and see for yourself. Brilliant!

How the Heck Does This Related to My Website?

I’m so glad you asked! 

So many Websites read like an encyclopedia entry. There’s no passion…no excitement. You read it and you get the facts, but you don’t feel the emotion. You don’t get pumped.

If you aren’t totally psyched about your product or service…how can you expect anyone else to be?

Here’s the thing…these covers might be hyperbolic. They might have even go so far as to exaggerate the truth or take advantage of the audience…but they worked.

I’m not saying that you need to make your site quite as crazy as a Marvel Cover….but maybe you should! 

If anything is true, though…it’s that you should take some lessons from Marvel and talk about what you do passionately, both online and off.

This is something that I am able to do for my clients, as I have dedicated my time to studying exactly what makes customers tick when it comes to your Website.

If you’re sick of your Website just not feeling like “you,” like it’s missing personality or excitement…then you need to Email me like yesterday (but I’ll settle for today).