What is an Expert, and how can you grow your business by being one?

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Short post today…

One of the most common things I hear from people who are in business is, quite simply, “What is an expert, and how I could I possibly be considered one?”

The answer is simple: an expert is anyone who knows just a little bit more than the audience they are teaching.

Think about it…if you have owned cats all your life, you are actually a cat expert to people who have never owned a cat. You know so much more than them, and are able to teach them. Many would even be willing to pay you for that.

If you’ve owned a couple businesses so far, even if none have been out-of-this-world successful, you are an expert to someone who has never started a business before. You know things that they haven’t even thought about. You could write a book on that, market it specifically to those who have never owned a business, and make a whole new business out of that.

You see…it doesn’t matter if you aren’t an “expert to the experts.” You don’t need to impress Dave Ramsey in order to teach personal finance. You don’t need to impress Derek Jeter when it comes to hitting a baseball. The only person that matters is that person who is actually going to be learning from you. That’s who you should focus on.

I challenge you to think about…what are 3 things that you know more than the general population about? Comment below to let me know!

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