Members-Only Site Integration

Restrict parts of your website and give username and password access to members.

Are you ready to finally start monetizing your knowledge and content instead of giving it all away for free?

You are an expert in your field. You know it. I know it. Your clients and followers know it.

The fact is, there are so many people in the world who would pay to "download the information" from your brain. 

We haven't come up with that technology yet, but the closest we've come are "membership websites".

If you are in the coaching field like so many of my clients, this likely isn't an unfamiliar concept to you.

The idea is simple: You fill a hidden area on your website up with loads of valuable content...and people pay to access it.

There are so many ways to structure a members-only site, but even at their most basic they allow you to stop teaching "one to one" and start teaching "one to many". Hint: That's how you affect the greatest change and make the big bucks. 😉

Creating a membership website that is seamless and "just works" takes knowing the right tools, having the right experience, and exercising a lot of patience.

There is a lot happening "behind the scenes" to most membership websites that you're unaware of.

Aren't there already websites out there that let me create this kind of thing myself?

There are, and while they make things pretty "easy" there is a multitude of reasons I recommend keeping memberships on your own website.

Here are a few reasons I recommend against using membership platforms such as Teachable, etc.

  • You don't have control. They can take your content offline and in many cases actually own the rights to use your content however they see fit.
  • They can raise their prices twentyfold and if all of your "stuff" is on their platform, you have to stick with it or scramble to move everything.
  • You get none of the "SEO Benefit" from having your membership website. Google gives that credit to the platform you're using instead of your own website.

There are other reasons I would love to get into, but the bottom line is that having your membership website on your own site is the best option.

Where do you turn, then, for making it easy? How do you get started?

That's where I come in!!! 🙂

Here's what's included in my "Members Only Website Integration":

You'll get my years of website design and membership website experience as guidance, PLUS:

  • A restricted area on your website where visitors can pay or sign up to receive members-only content
  • Integration with your payment processing system (PayPal, Square, etc.) so that you can start making money from your new membership site right away.
  • Includes up to three membership levels with their own custom privileges - additional membership levels can be added a la carte.
  • Includes up to 10 membership-related pages. More pages can be added a la carte.
  • Optionally “drip feed” content to your members - pace their access to new content over time.
  • FREE: Includes the advanced plug-in, “WP Wishlist” along with one-year of developer support and updates ($147 value).

You get ALL of the above for the low prices of...


Frequently Asked Questions:

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