E-Commerce Store Integration

Quickly and easily start selling products directly through your website!

Are you ready to turn your existing website into a money-generating profit center?

Ooo, marketing buzz words!

In all seriousness, what would it mean to start selling products directly through your website?

For many, it simply means selling more products - maybe even while you sleep/eat/pee.

For others, it might mean freedom - because you stop trading hours for dollars when you start selling products to your clients/fans/followers.

For others still, it might mean cross-promoting the retail and coaching sides of their business for even greater profits.

My favorite thing about e-commerce shops is that they often pay for themselves.

How many $50 products would it take to "earn back" my fee? Just 28 sales. Start selling $100 products and you cut that in half.

This makes an e-commerce website a great investment as it's one that will actively pay for itself over time.

Here's what's included:

You'll get my years of website design experience as guidance, PLUS:

  • A beautiful web store integrated into your existing website using “WooCommerce”, the world’s leading WordPress ecommerce plug-in.
  • The store will be custom-designed, built to your specifications with all desired features, and mobile-friendly.
  • Up to 20 products will be added by me so that you can get a jump-start on selling.
  • Integration with your payment processing system (PayPal, Square, etc.) so that you can start collecting payments right away.
  • A hands-on tutorial with provided resources to show you how to upload more products in the future.
  • Includes up to two full rounds of revisions so that you can get a perfect result.
  • FREE: Includes up to 3 premium WooCommerce add-ons so that we can extend the functionality of your store and get exactly what you are looking for ($100/ea or less).

You get ALL of the above for the low prices of...


Frequently Asked Questions:

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