The SEO Mini Audit

A Partnership with SEO Expert Dorit Sasson

I am very excited to announce a new service I am offering exclusively with the help of SEO specialist Dorit Sasson. I am being honest when I tell you you are not going to find a better deal on something like this. I am super stoked.

Here's How it Works:


Complete the easy SEO Mini-Audit Intake Form

designed to get to the core of who your target audience is.


Wait while my SEO Expert does her research

determine which key words and phrases will give you the most "Bang for your SEO Buck". 


Walk away with a spreadsheet of prioritized key phrases

use these to optimize your si​​te, write blog posts, and attract qualified traffic!

I've been looking at various services like this for years now, let me tell you. Most full-fledged audits will cost you $250...$500...$750...even over $1000. 

With this mini-audit, you walk away with the thing you want the most (a spreadsheet of well-researched key phrases + page update suggestions) for only $150. ​​

Once you have your list of keywords, Dorit and I can work hand-in-hand to optimize your site based on what we discover. 

Click here to invest in the SEO Mini-Audit. $150

What's the difference between this "Mini-Audit" and a full SEO audit? In a full audit, your entire site is analyzed to determine how well it already ranks for the ideal key phrases.

Suggestions are then made for how to increase your rankings. This stripped-down "Mini-Audit" gives you a list of key phrases tailored to your business and ideal target market, but doesn't necessarily give suggestions for how to improve the site's SEO. That's something that Dorit helps with in her programs.