How to discount without devaluing yourself

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It is tempting when starting out in business to want to discount, discount, discount. After all, that’s what people want, right? Low prices? Wrong. It actually turns out that the more people pay for something, the more perceived value that item has. There is a study (that Dan Kennedy references in one of his talks…I cannot for the life me … Read More

An Unexpected Surprise: How I Got 25 QUALIFIED Leads Overnight

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The following was posted on 2016-02-23 on my now discontinued blog, The 20 Something Entrepreneur….but its lessons still very much apply. Most people exaggerate when they use the word “overnight” to describe success, but in this case, I’m not exaggerating. On Monday I made a decision and sent an Email. On Tuesday, I had 25 qualified leads. The decision was to offer my … Read More

3 Important Business and Marketing Lessons Learned from Playing Over 500 Hours in a Single Video Game

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Over the past 6 months, I have logged over 500 hours in a single video game, and it has been surprisingly helpful for my business. They’re called MMORPG’s (Massively-Mulltiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) which is a fancy way of describing a game where you create a character and progress along with millions of other players from around the world via the Internet. The draw … Read More

5 Signs It’s Time to Raise Your Prices

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When you’re a solo entrepreneur — especially one selling creative services — pricing is something that can be somewhat etherial. What is it? Who sets it? Why is one price acceptable, and another isn’t? Is it the same for every client, or do you give some clients discounts This leads most people to just picking a price based on what the competition … Read More

How to Scale Your Online Business

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I won’t make you beg for the answer: Systems and processes. This is how you scale your online business. Systems and processes are essentially just checklists that you use to run every aspect of your business. Here’s the main lesson I’ve learned: Put these systems in to place before you get busy, otherwise you will have to work reactively instead of proactively. For example, when … Read More