How to Scale Your Online Business

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I won’t make you beg for the answer: Systems and processes. This is how you scale your online business. Systems and processes are essentially just checklists that you use to run every aspect of your business. Here’s the main lesson I’ve learned: Put these systems in to place before you get busy, otherwise you will have to work reactively instead of proactively. For example, when I started the Web design business I only had a client or two, so shooting from the hip was really easy to do. I would just work on things as they came up. As I started to get busier, though, this became impossible to do. Very quickly did I become overwhelmed, and this is because I wasn’t following a set system. After making the switch to being more organized, I was able to handle my business exploding and the unprecedented volume of clients that came with it. Do you have systems in your … Read More

How to Get Awesome Testimonials EVERY TIME

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You’ve just finished work with your latest client. They’re happy, you’re happy, and you feel confident that you’ve over-delivered on all of your promises. Even they think they may have paid too little for your amazing service. And yet, when you ask them to write out a testimonial, there never seems to be a good time for them. When you finally do get someone to put pen on paper (or fingers on keys), it comes out generic, boring, and not quite as “rockstar” as you would like. Testimonials like this, when written by clients, seem to be the norm: We hired XYZ Company to do ABC. Everything was great and their service was amazing. We’ll be sure to use them again next time we need X. Early on in my magic business, getting rockstar testimonials was like pulling teeth. It wasn’t that I wasn’t good — I knew I was doing a great job, … Read More

How Can I Rank Higher on Google? The Top 5 Ways to Increase your SEO.

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This is, bar none, the most common question I receive, and the reason is clear: getting to the first spot on the first page of Google for your relevant search terms seems like the holy grail of marketing. “If only I could get there, I would never need to market again.” Getting to the first page of Google is a mystery to most, even the so-called experts out there. After all, Google is an ever-changing and highly guarded algorithm that we can really only make guesses on (and listen to what Google decides to tell us about how they rank). Here’s the thing…you could spend hours every single day, or pay someone hundreds of dollars every month to hit the moving target of perfect SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and still not get put in that first slot. If you’re interested in the hard way, I wrote an SEO checklist a few months … Read More

What Do You HATE In Your Business?

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Hate… Such a strong word. Such a negative topic. But you’ve got to deal with the negative sometimes in order to appreciate the positive. That being said, there are things that we all hate to do in our businesses.  I know that for me, these things are… Reading and responding to Emails. Scheduling. Book-keeping. So what I’ve done is worked on minimizing the amount of time that I spend on these things. For example… Email: I set the expectation up front that I don’t respond all day and all night to Email, except in the case of real emergencies. I use Inbox by Gmail, which allows me to better organize my inbox and spend less time sorting through. I include in my Email signature to “train” my clients to respond to me in an efficient way. Scheduling: I do not take unscheduled phone calls — too much distraction. I use … Read More

How to Quickly and Easily Increase Your Prices 20% (Without Backlash)

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Back when I was doing magic at corporate and non-profit events full-time, I was able to increase my prices 500% (5x for you math-wizzes out there) in a period of just 12 months. I did a lot over that 12 months to make that happen…but I have a tip that can show you how you can increase your prices 20% RIGHT NOW without losing money. You see…that’s the biggest fear: If I increase my prices, I am going to turn customers away. I’m going to show you why that fear isn’t valid, after I give you the secret tip to increasing your prices 20%. That tip… That magical, secret, tip… The thing that you are reading this article for… Is…   Just do it.   I know, easy for me to say…I’m not in your business. I don’t know your clients. They would never stand for you increasing your prices 20% for no … Read More

Business Owners: Increase Productivity, Kill Distractions, and Have More Free Time With This One Tip

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We all get swept away in Emails that come in one after the other, phones that ring off the hook, and the constant firefighting that is running a business. I get it, and I’ve been there too. The problem with this is that when you’re obsessed with being constantly available for others, “time vampires” flock to you and suck the lifeblood out of your business. There’s no time left over to work on your business instead of in your business. There is a solution, though, and that is to block out your time.  It’s a simple enough concept, but it takes some discipline to stick with. I’ve been blocking out my time now for about a year, and by my estimates I’ve gained about 4 hours of productivity every day that I didn’t have before (totaling roughly 832 hours, or 34 days, a year!!!!!). That’s entire extra month that I now have that … Read More

Why You MUST Niche-Down Your Business

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Before I got serious about studying marketing (in specific, direct-response marketing), my goal was to market to every potential client I could. “If it has a pulse and a wallet, I want to talk to it.” I didn’t care what it was, as long as I was being paid for my time. Only now do I realize what a mistake that was… Think about the medical profession for a moment. Doctors, on the surface, can be broken down into two groups: Generalists and Specialists. While sure, the generalists are making enough to pay the bills and then some, they will never be as successful as someone who is a brain surgeon or heart specialist. The reason specialized doctors get paid more is because they spend all of their time perfecting a specialty and positioning themselves as an expert to their niche market. If someone specifically wants a dermatologist, for example, … Read More

How to Market Your Website Like Marvel Comics

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Alright, I’ll admit it…I’m a nerd. I’m into video games, coding, and lately…comic books! After watching some of the Marvel movies, I became so interested that I wanted to fully immerse myself into that culture, so I’ve begun a journey for reading all of the “important” Marvel comics from the 1960s to today. My journey began with The Amazing Spider-Man, and I’ve gleaned some really cool marketing tips from it. You see, the thing about comic books is…there are a TON of them. Even in the 1960s. People had a lot of options, so if you wanted your comics to be picked up by anybody, you needed to stand out from the very start with your cover. (I promise this relates to Websites, as you’ll see in a minute…) How Marvel did their covers for The Amazing Spider-Man was nothing short of brilliant! Here are a few excerpts from the first few … Read More

The 5 Pages You NEED On Your Website

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This is a somewhat older video of mine, but the principles still apply! In general, there are 5 pages you need on your website. Whenever possible, I try to always include these (if not, less). There’s no reason to have 50 pages in your navigation. 🙂 Sky